The BEST Disneyland Vacationer’s Guide Books

Many people headed to Disneyland enjoy buying a book before their adventurous vacation to learn about the many parks, how to afford the vacation, what to expect once there and even how to find more enjoyment during the vacation.  To help you make the best decision on the available books, here are Meet the Magic’s picks in a variety of popular Disneyland book categories:

How to Afford the Disneyland Vacation

The first step to heading to Disneyland is being able to afford the vacation.  To begin, you need to save the money you will need for the vacation.  Next, you need to understand the steps of planning your vacation and the expenses of that planned vacation so you know how much money you should safe.  Finally, you should consider ways to save while on vacation to help reduce those costs.  The book Strategies for Paying for Disney does just that!


Planning Your Disneyland Vacation

Getting the details of the Disneyland theme parks, restaurants and resorts is important.  To get all of this information, you need to get The Unofficial Guide Disneyland 2013 (Unofficial Guides).  This book is WAY detailed, giving you price ranges for the resorts, customer rating on resorts, information on crowd levels and details of the attractions and shows found in the theme parks.  This guide book has celebrated many, many years of work on helping guests plan their upcoming Disneyland vacation.

Unofficial Guide Disneyland


Learn While You Tour the Theme Parks

Want to know how the Imagineers formed their ideas on your favorite Disneyland attraction?  Here you will get a great tour from they eyes of the Imagineers who had a hand in creating all of the magical attractions within Disneyland!


Get More out of your Disney Vacation

It is a fact.  When headed to Disneyland, you are certainly going to have to do some time standing in line waiting for attractions.  Why not make that time exciting as well!  Well, Lots to Do In line is a book dedicated to just that!  You can find that the queues offer many different experiences from fun learning to eye-spy games.

Lots to Do Disneyland

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