The Best Backpack for Your Disney Vacation

Vacations to Disney often need to include the packing of a backpack which will hold your items you need when headed to the parks.  To be prepared, you should consider what type of bag makes the most sense for you and your family. There are many different varieties and price ranges for backpacks. Consider your needs and then decide which one listed below are for you. Click on any photo to go to Amazon for purchase of the bags.

Inexpensive Bags – If you are not even sure if you will need to carry a bag to the parks, but want to take one just in case, you should check out these bags. They are inexpensive and the drawstring bag is very lightweight and will take up hardly any room in your luggage. However, if you have too many items to lug into the parks, you may find that these bags do not hold up well or will not accommodate the amount of things you have. As for the drawstring bag, the strings will begin to cut into your shoulders throughout the vacation, making bags with any weight cause some level of pain.

BAZIC Odyssey Bright Color Backpack, 17 Inch, Color May Vary

BAZIC Odyssey Bright Color Backpack, 17 Inch – $1.78

Basic Drawstring Tote Cinch Sack Promotional Backpack Bag – $1.00

Disneyfied Bags – If you want to look the Disney part while in the parks, there are smaller backpacks which will keep everyone in the party in spirit. Again, these bags are not meant to last so much as just look cute!

Disney Fairies Tinkerbell Girls Large Backpack With 3D Butterfly – $22.95

Picnic Lunchers – If you plan on bringing in some food to the parks which needs to remain cold, you may want to consider this picnic beach cooler backpack. This one has plenty of room in the bag. This bag does work well for the cooler system, but I have noticed the seams are pulling apart around the zippers. As such, perfect for a short number of uses.

24 Can Picnic Beach Cooler Backpack- Black – $17.98

The Long Haul – If you are looking for a great bag that will last you years to come, you should instead consider purchasing one of these bags. The brands are impeccable and will last and last. My husband has one of these packs, me the other. They have been overstuffed, restuffed, ran through the rain and wind, etc. They still look like they were just purchased. These bags will hold everything from umbrellas to coats to swim attire to souvenirs. They will hold and hold.

SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart Backpack – Black – $69

Oakley Men’s Small Icon Backpack – $75.00

What type of bag do you carry when you head to Disney?


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  1. March 19, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Sometimes I carry a small North face backpack, or just a small cross body bag. It depends if I have my camera (SLR) and what else i am bringing that day. I like to take breaks so my back doesn’t kill.

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