The Best Advice and Prices for your Upcoming Vacations using TripAdvisor

If you are planning on vacationing soon in Orlando, there is a great new way to book by using TripAdvisor.  This website has long been used to help you plan your vacation.  The website helps researching the area you plan on visiting while on vacation.  It offers great advise from those who have already visited the area with information specific to the area, about the details of the hotel you are looking to book, as well as tell you what restaurants in the area are the best.  It has long been a great site for getting all the best advice from real, unbiased people who are vacationing in the areas you plan to visit!

Even better, in addition to the great advice, you can also book your room at a great rate!  On our last trip to Orlando, my family stayed at the Legoland Hotel in Winter Garden, FL.  We were able to book our vacation through the TripAdvisor website and save ourselves some money in the process.  We began our booking, though, by reading the reviews by others who had already been to the Legoland Resort out in California because when we were booking the resort in Florida had not officially opened yet.  The reviews were a big help in our ultimate decision to go ahead and book at the Legoland Hotel in Winter Garden.

Here is a few photos from our resort room at the Legoland Hotel booked with TripAdvisor:


The Adult Room in the Legoland Resort Pirate Themed Room


The Children’s Room in the Legoland Resort Pirate Themed Room – Features the 2 Bunkbeds and one Trundle Bed Below


On a Treasure Hunt for the Missing Treasure in the Room!

Our experience with using TripAdvisor for the Legoland Hotel in Winter Garden was great!  From researching our resort room type to getting a great price on a room, we had a great experience.  Be sure to check out all of the best hotel deals for your next Orlando vacation here today!

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