The Barnstormer

The Barnstormer

The Barnstormer before the Fantasyland Expansion


The Barnstormer

Opening Date:

October 1st 1996 (Original) – March 12th 2012 (Storybook Circus Opening)

Approximate Length:

1 Minute


The Barnstormer presents a new twist on a classic ride. Previously The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre farm, the ride is back in action at Storybook Circus with a brand new look and a story that’s sure to delight.

Now, Goofy has goofed his way into the role of a circus stunt pilot, The Great Goofini. In the tradition of classic air shows, The Great Goofini takes you away on a spiraling stunt plane adventure. You’re twisting, turning, daredevil, roller coaster “flight” takes you high above the grounds of Storybook Circus in New Fantasyland.

Opinion or personal story about this attraction:

This is a great ride for the little ones or the ones who are just a few inches short for Space Mountain. This has a fun whimsical-circus like feel to it to make it fun for children.

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