Survival backpack for your Disney vacation

My family just returned from a visit to Disneyland.  Haunted Mansion Disneyland HalloweenDaily, we carried a backpack with a small amount of items that certainly made the day better.  Here is a good list of those items we found most useful while visiting the parks:

    • Camera – Well, I enjoy taking photos so I cannot go without my Nikon D7100.  I love the camera but wish it did not weigh as much as it does!  I always carry it outside of the backpack though because I want it handy for any unexpected photos!  If you are not someone who enjoys taking photos on a bigger camera, instead use your phone’s camera.  The photo above was taken on my cellphone.
    • Bandages – With anywhere from 8 – 13 miles walked a day, chances are pretty great that you might need a bandage for your feet!  I generally carry a few different sizes of bandages and then a small amount of Neosporin for any cuts or scraps.  I also love taking Mickey Mouse bandages just in case my son or another child has an accident.
    • A Hat – A hat is very handy for keeping away the scorching sun or to keep your face dry while in the rain.  They do not weigh very much either!
    • A Raincoat – There are a variety of types but my favorite are these Sierra Raincoat which are ultra-light and foldable into a small bag.  They even double as a small coat in case the temperature drops late at night or in case you visit an attraction with the air conditioning running too high for your liking.
    • Snacks – While there are MANY different snacks available, it is very handy to have snacks available at any time without having to wait in line.  It is a great way to stay healthier than you might be if buying your snacks from Disney and a great way to save money!

These are just a few ways you can use a backpack to your benefit while in Disney!

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