Suggestions of Ways to Pass the Time During a Driving to Disney

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Image by Laurie Pink via Flickr

When traveling to Disney, often the most economical way to get there is by driving.  However, it is quite possible that Disney is many hours away from your home.

To help pass the time, here is a list of some suggested things to do along your journey to Disney:

  • Get books on tape/cd to listen to during the drive. My son loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid and he is only 5. Typically you can rent these for 3 weeks for free from your local library.
  • Have a “prize” you give to your child (or yourself) at various stops.  A good prize for a child might be a coloring book.
  • Play eye spy games with your traveling companions. If traveling with children, this game can help teach the child their ABC, etc.
  • If your drive is long enough to warrant an overnight stay, stop overnight at an area where you can experience something that interests everyone in your traveling party.  For instance, stay somewhere close to a zoo and plan on getting to the area in time to stop in for a visit.
  • Take food for eating during the drive. Eating while driving does help pass the time.  This could be very creative and include items from home or from a quick stop at a drive-thru restaurant.
  • Get movies from the library to be watched along the way.  If the player plays the movies loud enough, even the driver can enjoy listening to the movie.
  • Stop by the craft store to see if there is a project the passengers can create while riding.
  • Color pages to display on your Resort window while staying at Disney. This is a lot of fun!  Don’t forget the tape!
  • Think of fun and entertaining stories to share with your traveling companions along the drive.  Not only will you pass the time quickly but you learn more about one another!

These are just a few suggestions.  Please share some of your favorites here!

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