Steps for Submitting Jokes to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

The Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor is located in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.  Usually, the lines to experience this attraction are not too long.  You will find that the queue is highly themed with two separate line sections.  The first is right as you walk in the building.  The second section is much more entertaining and includes a pre-show.

During this pre-show, you are given the setup for the show.  It is during this time it is explained that the audience is on a mission to collect laughs in order to generate electricity for Monstropolis. Then, you are invited to text in your favorite family-friendly joke.

Once inside the Laugh Floor, you meet Mike Wazowski, the ‘Monster of Ceremonies’.  He explains that in order for the door to the theater to open, he must first fill the laugh meter.  The ever pessimistic Roz does not believe Mike is capable of filling the meter.

Monster Inc Joke Instructions

There are many jokes presented during the show.  Most are corny, all are family friendly.  Some of the jokes used will be the ones that were sent in during the pre-show.

During your time inline, you will have time to send in several jokes by sending in a text message to the number provided on the screen during the pre-show.  In addition, a code will be provided only during that show to ensure that no one can send in jokes while not actually at the attraction.  You can prepare by picking out the jokes you want to submit before you to to this attraction.

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