Stay out of the damned lakes

Ok, if you have ever listened to the Dis Unplugged, you have heard Pete Warner’s statement ending each of the shows as “stay out of the damned lakes”.  I personally thought he was just being funny when I originally heard this, just a short tag line that was sort of catchy and funny as well.

So several months after finding this tag line to be amusing, my son and I were staying at the Pop Century.  I had heard about the Generation Gap Bridge located in the back of the Pop Century and decided that I must see where it leads.  What I found was a lovely bridge stretching a vast space across a large body of water.  As I understand it, it was originally to lead to the other portion of the Pop Century, the Classic Years.  I had stayed at this resort at least 5 times and had never even seen the bridge so I was completely amused to find the bridge and walk to its end.  As mentioned, this bridge leads to nowhere as the Classic Years were never completed, so right now, the bridge leads to a fence.  I spent some time gawking and wondering what the Classic Years could have been like, what might have been.

My son got antsy, ready to do something more interesting than stare at brown, unfinished buildings so we walked the expanse of the bridge and decided to lean over the side of the bridge to see if we could see any fish.  It was then that my son spotted this alligator!  I could not believe it.  An alligator right outside of the rooms there at the Pop.  So, it was then I respected the statement, “Stay out of the damned lakes!”

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