Start Your Day off with Disney Magic


Minnie Mouse looks like me in the morning before I have my coffee.  One of my favorite ways to start the morning is by making myself a latte in my Disney mug.  My favorite mug to use in the morning is the one featured at the bottom of this article!  The Disney cup of coffee certainly starts my day off with happiness and great memories of past vacations.

Here are some of the coolest park only mugs that you can find at by clicking on the link below each mug.

91J1Foog0vL._SX522_ Disney Parks Alice in Wonderland Mad as a Hatter Ceramic Coffee Mug

91sE3xCD6ZL._SL1500_Alice in Wonderland Quotes 12oz Ceramic Cup

71pQXAjZI0L._SL1500_Disney Parks Gourmet Mickey Stacked Ceramic Tea/Coffee Pot, Creamer & Sugar Set

81nwToYuBzL._SL1500_ Disney Parks Mickey Mouse ‘Signature’ Ceramic Mug w/ Rubber Grip

Do you have a favorite Disney coffee mug?  Send in your photo by emailing it to  If you do not, you really should grab one!  Here is a link to all of the Disney mugs available from so you can grab one yourself!

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