Star Wars Weekends Signature Ideas

During our most recent vacation to Orlando, we visited the Star Wars Weekends currently being held at Hollywood Studios of May 15 to June 14, 2015.  The festivities include many shows, character sightings, parades and fireworks displays themed specifically to Star Wars.  The fun is incredible!

One of the best ways to commemorate your fun at Star Wars Weekends is by visiting the characters.  There are many characters stationed all around the theme park.  While visiting them, you are invited to take a photo with them and even get their signatures.

We were excited to have remembered to bring a pillow case I had made my son many years ago.  Up until this trip to Orlando, he had only collected three signatures and lost interest.  However, while in line to visit our first Star Wars character, my son decided getting their signature would be fun.  We got about 10 signatures that day and loved all of their great penmanship!  (I personally thought I needed to work on stepping up my signature’s cool level after seeing them!)  Here is one of my favorite signatures by Shaak:

Star Wars Weekends Signature - Shaak

To see all of the signatures, be sure to check out this article!

While standing in line for one signature, a person in line had this Storm Trooper bank.

Storm Trooper

He said he had bought it and brought it with him for signatures.  The item can be purchased from Amazon here.  We discussed what a great souvenir that would make on his shelf at home!  One lady suggested that once he was done getting the signatures there at Star Wars Weekends, he should take it for Mickey Mouse to sign the bottom.  She said that this would serve as a “Hidden Mickey” of sorts!  What a clever idea!

Do you have other great ideas such as this you would like to share?  Leave them here in the commments!

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