Star Wars “Launch Bay”

If your interested in the new movie “star wars the force awakens” and replicas, well this is the place to go! In this treasure trove of star wars items, they have just what your looking for and they have an awesome store at the back! Also, you can meet three of the most famous heros and villains.  For example, you can meet the furry imperial blasting Wookie and Chewbacca.  Then meet the most evil villas imperial, Darth Vader and the best bounty hunter, Boba Fett! The replicas are insanely cool.  They have Kylo Ren and Darth Vaders lightsabers and much more! The store also has Luke’s helmet and much others.  They also have Rey’s speeder and Anakin’s speeder!  So if you ever go on another Disney trip, feel free to stop by the star wars “launch bay.”

This article is written by Conner Henley.

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