Star Wars Build-A-Blade At Hollywood Studios

Hey guys, it’s Conner! If you have seen the Star Wars films, you are probably wanting a light saber.  But at Disney’s Hollywood Studios you can make any light saber you want like the half-rebelian, half-imperial saber.  It’s possible!  You can also make a custom saber too!  You can construct these awesome light sabers at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Watto’s Grotto!

Disney Hollywood Studios Wattos Gratto Light Saber

So if you run by Hollywood studios make sure to pick up one of these!  Here are some great examples of the Build-a-Blades you could make:

Build a Blade Star Wars Hollywood Studios

If you do not have plans to head to Hollywood Studios anytime soon, you should check out these cool looking light sabers sold at Amazon:

Build a Blade Star Wars

These are the Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber currently available for $49.99 and makes all of these really cool Lightsabers!

this article was written by Conner

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