Special Room Preferences for a Disney Resort

Disney Contemporary Resort Refurbished Room

Disney Contemporary Resort Refurbished Room (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When taking a vacation to Disney, there are often special accommodation needs for your Disney Resort. Disney is quite accommodating of meeting these requests when they have knowledge that there are such needs. If you use a travel agent, such as Magical Journey, you can get these requests in to Disney early on when you first make your reservation. However, if you did not submit the requests when booking, your option is to either amend your existing reservation or to call the front desk of your specific resort 5 days before you check in. The front desk will only be able to help you within these 5 days, as this is when your actual reservation has moved into their computer systems and can be viewed by the Cast Members in that particular resort. For a complete listing of all of the resort front desk numbers, click here.

In case you have no idea what type of special room requests Disney will accommodate, here is a list:

  • Pack ‘n Play Playard
  • Specific building
  • Specific floor
  • Specific bed type
  • Adjoining Rooms
  • Room locations, such as being located close to another guest or close to a specific location
  • Wider bathroom doors
  • Roll-in showers
  • Shower benches
  • Hand-held shower heads
  • Accessible vanities
  • Portable commodes
  • Bathroom rails
  • Bed rails
  • Lower beds and rubber bed pads
  • Open frame beds
  • Room Communication Kits
  • Door knock and phone alerts
  • Bed shaker alarm
  • Text Typewriter (TTY)
  • Strobe light fire alarm
  • Phone amplifier
  • Buses with wheelchair lifts
  • Closed Captioned television
  • Braille on signage and elevators

Remember, all of these requests are ONLY requests. Disney does not guarantee any room request except those documented with medical necessity and booked through Disney Special Needs or for cases where there is a party of greater than 5, requesting multiple rooms when only one adult is in the party. With these only being request that Disney attempts to meet, guests find that the earlier they check in at the resort, the better chance they have of getting the room requests granted.

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