Soarin’ Challenge for Trivia Fun while in Disney World’s Epcot


Disney World has found many inventive ways to create fun for you and your family while standing in line for their attractions.  With the rollout of the newest update to the Soarin’ attraction at Disney World’s Epcot, a new game was added entitled, Soarin’ Challenge.  First, to play, you must login at  For the game to work, you must be within range of the Soarin’ attraction.  Your must also enable your Location Services or GPS so the browser can confirm that you are within an acceptable range.

Once you are within range and at the website, you will setup a username and begin playing the game.  The game itself includes many trivia questions about famous locations around the globe.  The game is not only fun, but will teach you many facts about various worldly locations!  This helps to pass the time while you learn!

Next time you are in Epcot and waiting to ride Soarin’, be sure to play the Soarin’ Challenge whether in the regular or fastpass line and see how your score ranks with others in the line!

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