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At my house, we are all movie lovers.  However, we often do not get to the movies simply because they are so expensive.  However, if you would like to still see a great movie but save money, follow these tips:

  • Purchase the movie you hope to see after it comes out on DVD.  Even if it costs $15-$20, you pay less than you would if at least 2 people go to see this same movie at a typical theater.
  • Watch the movie on one of your movie channels at home.
  • Rent the movie from your local Redbox or other movie rental location.  Movies can be rented for $1 per day when rented from the Redbox.  What a bargain!  Of course, be sure to return the movie the next day to keep this great price!  For a list of all of the Redboxes in your area, see the link, the click the “Find a Redbox” button on the top left corner or download their smart phone application!

Consider the following to figure your savings for this strategy:  Cost of movie at the theater for a matinée is around $8 and the cost of the Redbox rental $1.  Therefore, if you watched this movie through the Redbox rental, you could save $7/movie.  Suppose you see a movie a month, you save $7 X 12 Months = $84 for the year!  If you have children or are married, your savings are much higher!

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