SeaWorld Orlando – Recommendations for a Great Visit during the Holiday Season

Today, I visited SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.  I last visited the theme park about 10 years ago.  I admit, I have not visited the Orlando theme parks simply because I am not what most people would call an “animal person”.  Feeding the dolphins or petting the sting rays was great fun for others in my party, but ask me to do just that and I will recoil as I walk away.

Knowing my son really loves animals and seeing new things in new parks, we visited SeaWorld.  After spending a full day at the park, here are a few of my recommendations for having a great visit to the park:

  • If you do nothing else when visiting SeaWorld, remember to BUY your TICKETS ONLINE before you go and to PRINT the tickets off for your day’s visit!  My family did not do this so we headed to guest services for our tickets.  The line wound this way and that to get to guest services.  There were 16 lines open and moving to help guests get their tickets, etc.  With all of this in mind, it still took my family well over 30 minutes to get our tickets for the park.  Print your tickets… print.
  • Take time to walk around the park to see all of the beautiful holiday decorations!

    SeaWorld - Decorated for the Holidays

    SeaWorld – Decorated for the Holidays

  • Visit the Sky Tower.  This is a leisurely attraction, good for everyone in your party.  There is no direct, crazy thrill but helps you really get a great view of the theme park.

    SeaWorld - SkyTower

    SeaWorld – Sky Tower

  • Download the app for SeaWorld.  This app will help you find attractions, restrooms, places to eat, show times, etc.  The app is also includes a map of the park.  Considering I attempted to use my paper park map as an umbrella while riding the Journey to Atlantis, having the park map on my phone was great!
  • If heading to see one of the shows, such as The Polar Express, do so while there is a Shamu show.  You will certainly find that the lines to the attraction is shorter!
  • Stay late enough to see the lights around the theme park.  They are extremely beautiful and will put you in the holiday mood, even if the holidays have already passed (as it had on our January 4 visit!)
  • Check the showcase for the holiday only shows.  We enjoyed a few ourselves!_DSC0495
  • REMEMBER, if you plan on revisiting the Orlando area before the end of the year and originally purchased a full priced ticket, visit the guest services before heading out of the park.  Request a “Fun Pass”, a.k.a. a SeaWorld annual pass!  Then you can use your ticket for the rest of the year for additional admissions to the park!

Overall, my family loved their day at the park.  We really loved and would recommend to everyone to see the Shamu Show.

One Ocean - Shamu Stadium

One Ocean – Shamu Stadium

SeaWorld - Holiday Photo with Shamu

It was truly amazing (even for a non-animal person!)  If you plan on not getting wet, remember to sit more than 15 rows from the bottom!  Be sure to get your tickets here to save yourself some money and to help you avoid the lines once at the theme parks.

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