Save on Dining Out at Home and on Vacation

Many of us appreciate a night out to have a great dinner. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in their 2008 Consumer Expenditures press release  families with an average 2.5 unit household spend approximately $2,698 on food away from home!  That is a ton of cash spent on eating out!A great way to reduce this amount of money is using coupons you receive from the weekend inserts of coupons and online printable coupons.  Not only will you find that you save money from using such coupons, but you may even find that you are trying restaurants you have never tried in the past.  If you are planning on trying a new restaurant simply because you have a coupon for the location, be sure to look over the menu online.  This will help you make sure that you are not eating at a new restaurant with higher prices, thus making the total cost of the meal still higher than your normal dining locale.

Another great way to save when dining out is by using  This is a great place to purchase coupons for restaurants in most areas around the country.  You will find a variety of restaurants listed offering deep discounts.  For instance, right now you can purchase the following coupons to be used at these restaurants within 3 miles of EPCOT:

  • The Outback Steaks and Seafood – $20 for $25 Gift Card or $35 for $75 Gift Card
  • Giraffe Cafe at the Royal Plaza Hotel – $15 for $25 Gift Card or $25 for $50 Gift Card
  • Kook Sports Bar  – $10 for $25 or $$35 for $75 Gift Card
  • Andiamo Italian Bistro  – $10 for $25 Gift Card

Remember, these do have restrictions (such as: Minimum 2 entrees. 20% Gratuity added prior to discount. 1 certificate per party.) and the coupons do expire.  So, be sure to check these before you purchase.

The deals listed here are available now, with other coupons being available in the future.  Remember, you can find coupons to be used at home and on vacation, helping your family to reduce the amount of money they spend on eating out!

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