Review of the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Sea Room 4008

My son and I recently took a spring break vacation with my mother on the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas.  To accommodate the needs of my mother, we were in room 4008, a handicap accessible room.  This room was located on the fourth floor of the ship, just a few rooms back from the elevators.  The room was very large at 164 square feet.  The cost of the room mirrored that of other exterior, window rooms.  To get this room, there must be a handicap accessible need (and not just a want for the larger room).

When you walked in the room, the restroom was located on the left.  This restroom was rather large including a toilet, sink and shower.  The shower included an adjustment arm for moving the shower head up and down to different lengths.  Also included was a chair in the shower that could be folded out of the way if it was not needed.  Bars of soaps are given to guests but the shampoo was included in a dispenser in the shower on the wall.  The quality of the shampoo was not very high so you should plan on bringing your own!  The shower curtains were not near long enough.  As such, the water traveled outside of the shower area and all over the bathroom floor.  We added towels around the shower parameter to keep the water from soaking the entire floor.  Brilliance of the Seas Room 4008 Handicap Accessible Bathroom

The toilet in the bathroom worked well and was not too low to accommodate my mother’s needs.  There are plenty of bars all over the restroom to assist.  In addition, there is a pull cord for additional assistance to security, as well as a telephone in the restroom. Our one major issue with the restroom was the smell coming from the pipes of the toilet.  The smell was so extreme, I personally tried cleaning the bathroom top to bottom with the provided bar of soap in hopes the smell was the restroom and not the toilet.  After about 3 days of the unpleasant smell, we spoke with our room attendant and asked that it be cleaned more thoroughly.  It was cleaned a bit and the help would last a few hours.  Then the area went back to smelling terrible.  At the Cozumel stop, I purchased a can of glade gel (sort of like a stick-up air freshener) to keep in the restroom.  This did keep the bathroom smelling much more fresh.

Brilliance of the Seas Room 4008 Handicap Accessible Toilet and Shower

To the left of the entry door to the room was a stool (where we kept our luggage), a closet to keep all of our hanging clothes and the vanity which hand many, many drawers for storing all of our items.  This helped us get all of our things out of our luggage and stored in some manner so things were not sitting everywhere in the room.

Brilliance of the Seas Room 4008 Handicap Accessible Vanity

Along the back right (passed the vanity) was a chair and table.  My son was to sleep in the murphy bed that was hidden in the ceiling.  However, he decided he did not like that idea so we instead requested a rollaway bed be brought in the room.  The room was so wide, we were able to fit it along the wall at the foot of my bed.

Brilliance of the Seas Room 4008 Handicap Accessible Bunk Bed

To the back left, you can see the two twin beds.  My bed was the one by the porthole, my mother’s the other once pictured here.  The beds were all completely uncomfortable and at various heights.  My mother’s bed was much lower than my bed.  On the next to last evening there, my mother decided getting up and down from the bed was making her tired.  We requested that an extra foam piece be added to increase the height of the bed.  The room attendant brought a whole new mattress and added it atop the current mattress.  This went from one extreme to the other for her bed which was not way too high!  We really do not like to cause trouble so we just left it as it was and hoped she did not slide off the bed with the second mattress!

Beside my mother’s bed was a chest of drawers which was tucked behind a mirror.  There were three drawers there, perfect for all of our other items such as socks that were not being hung in the closet.  Beside each bed was also a night stand.  From this photo, you can also see that there was another murphy bed tucked in the ceiling for a fourth guest.  When booking, we had actually been told that it was possible to have 5 guests in this room.  We imagined using both murphy beds and the roll away bed to get the accommodations to 5 in the room.

Brilliance of the Seas Room 4008 Handicap Accessible Beds

From this above photo, it is difficult to see the rounded “hump” that is located on the floor to help assist those with accessible needs get into the restroom.  The issue with the rounded “hump” was that when using a walker, only 3 of the wheels could comfortably be stationed on the floor.  When you add the swaying of the boat, the “hump” really was very scary to my mother (who has some balance issues).  Often she would instead go to the restroom that was by the elevators which had zero entry.

Here is the view from our portal on one day when we were at port and another ship was close-by.

Brilliance of the Seas Room 4008 Handicap Accessible Window

Depending on the light outside, the portal was clear or very dirty.  Here was another view on a different day:

Brilliance of the Seas Room 4008 Handicap Accessible Dirty Window

The room felt very clean, the carpet very nice and new.  There was plenty of storage and a small refrigerator for use.  Our room assistant was very nice and tried to be helpful.  Users for this room should know the accommodation issues with the “hump” and the possibility of low bed issues and consider if there are ways to plan for those issues.


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