Review – Electric Umbrella, Future World, EPCOT, WDW

Restaurant – Electric Umbrella, Future World, EPCOT, WDW
Restaurant type – Counter Service
Setting – a vast basic indoor quick service area, which can seem a bit gloomy and does get very busy.  Upstairs does open at very busy times and can be a lot quieter.  Seating outdoors too which can be really nice when it’s not too .hot and you need the a/c, good for people watching, but watch the birds!!!
Cuisine – American
Approximate cost – Mushroom and Swiss burger with fries $10.49, Veggie flat bread $8219 and kids $5.99.  DDP accepted.
Review – although this is a basic eatery with standard burgers and nuggets in the main, we have always enjoyed our food here.  Maybe it is because we are from the UK but a huge cheese burger is actually a treat for my DH and I equally enjoyed the flat bread .  We did pick an extremely busy time to visit last holiday as we rushed in there to avoid the torrential rain which was showing no signs of stopping.  This made it seem busier and darker then usual, then the fries machine broke down! We still had a nice CS meal though and DD enjoyed her Mac and Cheese.  Maybe we we just being dumb but I didn’t actually realize the whole point of the self-serve drinking area was because it was free re-fills … I blame tiredness lol but I can now see an even bigger advantage to eating here and why it took DH forever to get my hot tea 🙂

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