Rent DVC Points for Deluxe Accommodations at Value Prices

Many of us that go to Disney World would love to stay at a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) property but just cannot afford the huge bill for these deluxe accommodations!  In the past, my family stayed at Saratoga Springs in a DVC studio.  My family rented these points from a DVC owner.  We had priced out the cost of booking these accommodations through Disney and were told the price would be nearly $1900.  Not to be discouraged, I began my search for points to rent from a DVC owner.  I was able to find a DVC owner and rent the points we needed for only $700, a savings of $1200 for the exact same accommodations.

If you are interested, here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Click on the banner above to head over to David’s Vacation Club Rental site.  This website has been in business for many years helping Disney goers rent points safely.  Rent with confidence!
  2. Go to the “Points Calculator” section of the website.
  3. Use the calculator to help you estimate the number of points you will need for your travel dates and resort.
  4. Fill out the “Reservation Form” to make a request for the rental of the points.
  5. Continue through the process of renting the points to get great prices!
  6. Go to Disney and enjoy your DVC rental!

My family enjoyed our time in Saratoga Springs.  Just remember, renting points is a great way to save money.Rent from David’s and let us know how your experience was!

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