Reliable Grocery Delivery to Your Orlando Resort

Vacationing in Orlando is fun and exhaustive!  In the past, my family has attempted to pack items for the room so we had food available to us for breakfasts or snacks after a long park day.  However, the number of items you can actually pack are limited.  We found that we wanted items that required refrigeration which simply could not be brought along in the luggage. 

After some research, we found out that you can have groceries delivered!  The number one top place to use when getting groceries delivered while staying at ANY Orlando resort is Garden Grocer!  From the linked website, you can add items to your cart to which you want to have delivered to your resort.  Items can include everything from dairy products, baby and feminine products to wines and beers.  All items are reasonably priced.  If someone in your party needs items which are gluten-free, kosher, or organic, you can find many items available for them also at Garden Grocer.   No fear if you order cold items, as the store uses dry ice to package the foods so they will remain cold after delivery to your resort!

Steps to using Garden :

  1. Add items to your Garden Grocer cart.
  2. Fill in the information on your resort, travel dates, etc.
  3. Pay for your items.  Right now, there is a $40 minimum purchase required.  You will also pay for delivery costs.  For orders over $200, shipping is free!

That is all that there is to it!  You will have all of the items you need delivered direct to your room!  The service is really a great convenience and is extremely reliable. Be sure to check out Garden Grocer for your food needs on your next Orlando vacation.  Fast, convenient and will save you a ton of money!

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