Rainforest Cafe – Walt Disney World

Restaurant – Rainforest Cafe at Down Town Disney and Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Restaurant Type – Unique casual dining in a mock rainforest environment

Characters? – No, but plenty of animatronics to keep you entertained

Cuisine – American, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options

Rain Forest Cafe Kids Meal

Rain Forest Cafe Kids Meal

Approximate cost – this is not a cheap option.  Expect to pay around $20 for fajitas, $13 for a burger, $15 for pizza and $26 for a steak.  Kids menu available to guests under 10 years of age.  Dining Plan accepted (Table Service Credit).

Review – we had an early dinner at the RFC in DTD in September 2012.  We were lucky enough to make a same day ADR that morning but as with most of the WDW table service eateries it is best to reserve your spot as early as you can if it is a must-do for you.  We really enjoyed eating here.  

Rain Forest Cafe

Let the Feast Begin!

My DH had eaten at the RFC at Disneyland Paris and was raving about the food and atmosphere, suggesting our 2 year old would love the theming.  Well, she did, however she just wanted to spend most of the time running around looking at everything rather than being sat up at the table.  The animals and thunder storms did not scare her, and she didn’t mind that it was quite dark, but do bare it in mind for your own kiddos.

We did struggle with her anywhere food wasn’t instantaneous i.e. counter service or buffets, but the server here was fantastic at trying to speed the order up and keep her entertained.  Another huge plus point was that I was not feeling too good, and they let me have some pasta from the kids menu.  I was really grateful for this as I just couldn’t face a huge adult meal.  We just adjusted our tip accordingly as though we had ordered a more expensive item.  The food here was yummy, Tink and I both had Python Pasta and DH had the Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich.  Had I been feeling better I would have loved to have tried the Rainforest Natural Burger and just wait til you see the servers walking past with a Sparkling Volcano … we’ll be going back again just so I can have one of those, all to myself 🙂

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