Pulling the Sword from the Stone at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Disney Magic Kingdom, Sword in the Stone, Magic, Hidden Fun

For years, I have traveled to Disney Magic Kingdom and wondered if the Sword ever came out of the Stone found in front of the Prince Charming Regal Carousel.  The show that used to take place ended many years ago and first opened in 1994. The show has been on and off again ever since and I have never actually seen it taking place.

On my last visit to the Magic Kingdom, this show was taking place.  I was so excited to hear it and see if that sword actually can be pulled. The current show includes two cast members who explain that the Sword can only be pulled by a person with certain magical abilities. They tried the strength of two strong men before having a small girl try to pull the sword. It was only the little girl that was able to pull the sword.

While the sword did pull up for the little girl, it did not pull out. It is a fun show, lasting only a few minites. If you want to see it, be sure to ask a cast member if it is being performed when you next visit!

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