Preparing to Ride Wet Rides at Disney World

Disney Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain


When heading to one of the Disney Theme parks, you just might want to as yourself if you plan on riding one of the water rides.  Now, know that not all water rides are created equal become some are wetter to ride than others.  Here are the various categories of water rides:

Will not get wet

  • Living with the Land in Epcot
  • The Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom
  • it’s a small world! in Magic Kingdom

Barely will get wet 

  • Pirate of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom
  • Frozen Ever After in Epcot

May get very wet

  • Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom
  • Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom

If riding one of the attractions listed under you will not get wet, there is no preparation needed.  If you plan on riding one of the barely will get wet attractions, you should put away your phone or other such valuables that should not get wet.  You will likely get off the attraction with a few drops or mild splashes of water on your clothes.

However, if you are planning to ride the may get very wet attractions, you need to know depending on the time of year, you will get very wet.  It has been my experience that in the winter months, the water levels are not quite as high as during the summer months.  This means that you will get less wet in the winter than in the summer.  When I plan on riding one of these attractions, there are really two options as follows:

1.  Be a weenie and get less wet – I have done this on many occasions… I have decided I must ride one of these attractions but cannot bear walking around soaking wet for hours.  So, I bring along a rain coat so I can enjoy the attraction but not get soaked!  On a few occasions, I have even forgotten my rain coat.  I headed in to the Disney stores and asked for 2 large bags.  I fashioned myself a very ugly rain coat out of the bags and enjoyed the attraction without getting soaked!

2.  Plan to get soaked! – Enjoy being very wet after the attraction, after all, it is very hot many of the months in Orlando.  However, if you enjoy getting wet but not walking around in wet clothes, consider packing yourself an extra pair of socks, shoes, undergarments, a shirt and pants or shorts.  If you think a towel is also necessary, bring that along as well.  This is quite a bit to carry but if you plan carefully, the items can be minimized to reduce the space and weight in a bag.

In the end, all of the attractions are wonderful and really add quite a bit of fun to the day!  Prepare and get on those attraction on your next trip to Disney World!

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