Pre-schooler’s Must Do list for trip to WDW

I have a pre-schooler. On this trip she will be 3 years and 10 months old. She is hugely excited to be returning to Walt Disney World. She has been once before and to Disneyland Paris, both when she was around 2 and a half.

But was does a toddler really look forward to about going to WDW? In my eyes she can’t wait to dance down Main Street, run and hug Mickey, dance with the princesses and jump up and down when she sees the parades.

Here is what SHE is most looking forward to –

5. Buying a Simba. She has recently become a little obsessed with the Lion King and will often tell people she is Nala. Cute right? So does she want to see the show? Well, yes, but more than that she just wants a giant Simba plush to snuggle. We can obviously get these in the UK but she definitely wants him from WDW.

4. Going on the Barnstormer and It’s a Small World. These are her 2 most favourite rides. We go on them again and again and again …

Goofy's Barnstormer before Fantasyland Expansion

Goofy’s Barnstormer before Fantasyland Expansion

3. Being with all the family, all the time. Just knowing mummy and daddy don’t have to disappear off to work and that nanna and grandad will be there too for the while time is a big thing for her. She is also looking forward to sharing a bed with me lol as she loves mummy snuggles at night. Thank goodness US beds are big as she is a real starfish!

2. Swimming. It goes without saying that as part mermaid we’ll have a real fight to get her out of the water at times and into the parks. The hotel pool will be very well used and we may venture to a water park. She also navigates towards any inid of fountain, puddle etc so knowing she can play in the water and not freeze to death as she would in the UK is a pretty major thing for her.

Art of Animation Pool

Art of Animation Pool

1. Wearing her Princess dresses. This does include the trip to the Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique to some extent, but I think she would be just as happy parading around in her Cindy dress with pig tails and sneaker to be honest! This is the child who asks to wear all full length ballgown just to Walmart, so being able to dress as her beloved Princesses all day every day is pure bliss.

Disney Princess - $4.95

What have your little ones most enjoyed and looked forward to about their trips to Disney?

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