Photos are Important!

The newest campaign by Disney is entitled “Let the Memories Begin”.  After posting about this campaign last week, I really began to think about all of photos I have taken over the years.  While most of them only seem appropriate for myself, I wanted to share this one:

Here you will see my son at age 2 sitting so perfect in the front of the Monorail!  We had asked to sit at the front over and over on this particular trip.  For some reason, I was tenacious about getting us to the front!  You can see that my son appears to be calm, Mickey croced feet crossed, one hand in lap, the other holding his transportation trading card provided by our faithful driver.  What a magical moment, I mean second. 

Here was a photo taken only seconds before that one:

Ah, there is my son.  The one that will not sit down or do as he is told.  I knew he was there somewhere!  My mom looking on with a knowing smile saying, I knew I would get my payback.  I will note that this photo was taken while still in the station and that he was sitting in my lap during transit! 

I adore the first photo as it reminds me of that great ride in the front of the Monorail!  I really miss this!  When the ride in the front was abandoned after the accident involving the Monorails in 2009, I could not help but to syphon through my photos to find these! 

I hope you had the opportunity to ride in the front of the Monorail.  But even if you were not able to, I think these photos serve to show that it is rather important for those of you that are nostaligists to take photos.  You just never know when something will change and one of your favorite Disney attractions or restaurants will no longer be available! 

I invite you to share any of your Monorail or other here today, gone tomorrow memories!

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