Panoramic Sunday – Carousel of Progress

How about a little Halloween Holiday cheer from the Carousel of Progress?  I absolutely love this attraction!  It brings in a bit of nostalgia and holiday cheer year-round.  I believe it offers many learning opportunities for everyone who comes to the show.  I never go on this attraction with my mom where she does not explain that the kitchen in the photo above is her favorite kitchen, as it reminders her of those from her childhood.

I love this attraction so much, I have forsaken Wishes Fireworks to attend the last showing of the day!  It is always a must see on every trip to the World.  I remember one trip where my mom and I were viewing this attraction in the final scene.  John, the father, was having some mechanical malfunctions that made him look like he was rocking out to metal music or having a seizure.  Either way, the entire audience was laughing so hard, we were all in tears.  Fortunately (or maybe a bit unfortunately), John was back in good health by our next trip!

If you would like to know more details on this attraction and the details of its evolution from the 1964 World’s Fair to its current location in the Magic Kingdom, there is a pretty good writeup in the Wiki.  I hope you all have a great big beautiful tomorrow!

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