Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort – Review Part 1 of 3

Natalie H. is a regular contributor to the Disney Driven Life (DLL).  Her (ok, My:) )previous article written there is below!  I hope you will find it worth of bring over to this site.  I will post the rest of the article over the next two Thursdays.  Parts 2 and 3 are already up at DLL, but no cheating and peaking for the ending! 

My review of Caribbean Beach:

The Caribbean Beach Resort is a beautiful resort, with lush vegetation, bright buildings and sandy beaches that surround the Barefoot Lake.  This hotel is located in the EPCOT area and is also located close to the beautifully themed Typhoon Lagoon.  Family’s find that this Resort is often their favorite due to the themes and moderate pricing.  The resort has good room sizes and makes kids all over scream, “I want to stay in the Nemo Room!”  In addition to the great room themes, the Resort offers an island feel that takes you to that tropical hideaway, right at Disney World parks’ doorstep!

For those of you that have never stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort, this Resort has approximately 2,100 rooms and covers over 40 acres.  Many of the rooms are themed after the Finding Nemo film with the wall boarder and the bedspread adorned with the beloved fish.  However, the Nemo theme is subtle enough that often visitors do not even notice the small, adorable orange fish!  But to my son, age 4, it is such a cool room!  In fact, when staying in the Nemo-themed room, he asks to return from the parks simply to check that Nemo was still there!

In addition to the themed rooms, a guest staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort will find that they have a room of approximately 340 square feet.  Each of these large rooms includes a table and two chairs typically situated next to two large windows allowing for the guest to bring the outside beauty in!  The room includes two double beds, a mini-fridge, shower, bath, toilet, double sinks, hairdryer, coffee maker, a storage chest, television and telephone.  You will find that the “feel” of the room and amenaties are a scale above that offered in the value resorts, i.e. the double sink area in the bathroom are separated by a privacy curtain allowing guests to get ready early in the morning or late at night while others are sleeping or relaxing at the table or bed area.

When checking in at the Resort, guests are quickly whisked away to the islands as they feel the breeze from the large ceiling fans and hear the tropical music found in the Custom House Lobby.  In addition, children love the kid’s area which includes a coloring table and kid-sized chairs for watching their favorite Disney cartoons.  This Lobby also includes restrooms, concierge services and vending machines.  Guests can make their dining reservations, buy park tickets and get all of the maps needed.  Be sure to note, if you are using the Disney bus system, they do not allow guests to bring their bags/luggage on their internal bus system.  Instead, guests are asked to use the bell services for delivery of their bags.

Guests staying at this Resort are assigned to a resort area, i.e. Aruba, Jamaica, etc.  Each resort area includes several buildings which are all painting one pastel color to help the guest identify their area when going/returning to their particular building.  Should a guest have a car on their visit, the parking in relation to the rooms is extremely close to the resort room.  This makes unloading and loading bags an easy task.

Next week I will begin my review of my family’s actual stay at this Resort.  I will say that the stay started off extremely rocky and included an emergency room visit.  Stay tuned as I begin my Caribbean Beach mini-series!  See Not Your Average Review Part 2 of 3!

6 comments for “Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort – Review Part 1 of 3

  1. October 15, 2010 at 3:27 am

    We love the Caribbean and stayed there just this March. When we walked into the room, my then 3.5 year old saw Nemo on the comforter and immediately yelled, “Nemo!!!” and made her way to the bed, which she then gave a big hug! It was so cute. I’ll wait for the rest of your posts before I comment on other parts of the resort you haven’t mentioned yet. We do love the theming, though this year, it was freezing cold and the tropical look did not match our feeling of being freezing cold!

    • October 15, 2010 at 3:40 am

      That is so funny you say that! That is how it was too when we got there. Nearly like a stay there in February is superficial because it all seems so not tropical in the cold! Actually, my next article at DLL is about matching a resort to the season!

      • Beth Doda
        October 15, 2010 at 12:06 pm

        The funny part is that we go to WDW in February to escape the cold NH winters. It ended up being colder down there than up here on a couple of the days! Luckily though, our last day was a perfect day and we spent it by the pool . . . . and the Banana Cabana! 🙂

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