New Ways to Decorate your MagicBand

If you are traveling to Disney, you will likely get a Disney Magic Band.  They are free when you stay at one of the resorts in a variety of colors to include gray, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, green and purple.  The free bands are solid in color with the outside piece being black.  This can be fairly bland and boring.  Disney does sell a variety of bands decorated in a variety of themes but these bands cost at least $20 or more.

Disney MagicBand Decal Sticker Skins Cruise Nautical Themed With Red Mickey Head for Magic Band 2.0

If you would like to still be able to get bands that are more colorful and include themings more to your personality, you should check out the band decals by RSVP Custom Creations.  They made the Disney Magic Band 2.0 Decals. These are themed in a variety of themes and for very reasonable prices.

The RSVP Custom Creations send us a couple of decals to try on our bands.  We found that the bands went on with great ease and have stayed on our bands for the entire Disney vacation looking great!  We were provided with specific instructions on how to best add the decals to our bands and we followed the instructions to make sure we got the most out of the decals.  It is recommended that when you order your own decals you also follow the instructions provided so you can also have the same experience.

Here are some details:

  • Disney Magic Bands are not included.  You will need to order your free band when you book your Disney resort and use those for these decals.
  • Fits both the adult & child size bands as they only cover the middle Mickey Head portion of the band.
  • The decals are waterproof & designed to withstand the sun, rain, water parks. DO NOT spray your band decals with sunscreen or bug spray as these chemicals could damage the print.
  • The decals do not affect the scanners at the parks, hotels or restaurants.

Here is the design we received, below.  It is called the Magic Band Decal Blue, Red Bright Floral.  It is beautiful with many colors!  It looks so much different from all of the other sold by Disney.  While visiting Disney, I had many people ask me exactly where I had purchased the band.  I directed them to the designs of the RSVP Custom Creations making sure that they knew it was only $6.50 before shipping. 

I was sure to tell them that there were many varieties to choose from that would include designs with Mickey Mouse, princesses, Star Wars and other characters.  You can check out all of the decals here at Amazon where you can find decals for a cost of $3.00 to $6.50.

Thank you to RSVP Custom Creations for the decals!

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