New to Epcot is Innoventions Colortopia

Colortopia Sign

Epcot has been updating their exhibits in Innoventions and one of the most entertaining addition is the Colortopia presented by Glidden.  This exhibit opened in November 2015 and includes many colorful experiences.  Here is the full description:

After standing in a short line, you will enter a circle room where you will hear Ty Burrell who plays Phil from Modern Family discuss the many moods and situations loved by the use of colors.  He also explains how the colors help to shape your mood and attitude.  The experience is very powerful.

From this room, you move out to a waiting area which also includes a fun game.  In the game, you compete with others to use a variety of colors to create one single color.  You will use the technology to move a slide up and down to increase the amount of red, blue or green colors used in order to create the appropriate color.  The persons who get the color mixed before the timer ends will earn points.  There are a series of these color matching exercises.  Whoever gets the most points wins the mixing game!  It is very fun to play.  If you have someone in your party who does not want to play, they can instead stand in line to wait for the next part of the exhibit.


Moving on to the last part of the exhibit, guests are given a magical paint brush where you are given the opportunity to use the brush to paint on the walls with a variety of paint colors.  As you add the paint, the color appears as well as an added animation of the part of the picture you just painted!


The exhibit is a great addition to Innoventions and is very fun for everyone.  The line is usually short, meaning you get to experience the fun without the long wait!  If you have been to this attraction, let us know what you thought by commenting here!

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