New Railings and Signage Added around Disney World Lake to Prevent additional Allogator Accident

Railings along the beach of Polynesian Resort

In the wake of the taking of the child at Disney World by an alligator, Disney has made a few changes. The first is the addition of the new railings. They currently line the beaches of the Polynesian Resort as seen above. The railings are currently made of 4 x 4 posts and three lines of rope which stretches the entire beach. Similar additions have been made to the other Disney World resorts that border a body of water. The posts are currently unpainted.  It is unclear if Disney will keep these railings or add other types or styles.

In addition to the railing, Disney has also added signage warning “Danger:. Alligators and snakes in the area. Stay away from the water.  Do not feed the wildlife.”. There is no mention of not swimming in the water.  Also, the ropes are not sufficient to keep children from getting to the waters. It will help guests to better understand that going into the waters is a good idea with the visual created by the simple signs and fences.

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