Needed Items to Pack for a Magical Day at Disney World

When planning your visit to a Disney theme park, you might be wondering what you might want to bring in the park in order to have the most magical of days.  The days visiting the park typically includes over 12 hours of walking through attractions, restaurants, shows and shops.  Taking a bag with a few packed items can really help make that time even more enjoyable.  (For help on best prices and bag suggestions for yoru day to the parks, click here.)

Here is a list of the items that may be most helpful to you and your family members in a backpack. 

  • Ponchos – Those purchased in the parks are expensive, bring one along that is less expensive and more than likely, more durable.  Here are some great ponchos to choose from for your day in Disney.
  • Disney Signature Book – Purchased ahead of time, you can get a great rate and be prepared for getting the signature as soon as you arrive! Here are a few available at that great rate!
  • Bug Spray – Disney has their own signature line of insects that love to bite my ankles.  To avoid these annoying bites all over my ankles and toes (when wearing flip flops), I use this great bug spray.  Works everytime.  I take it with me throughout the day for reapplications.
  • Sunscreen – One day while my son was playing in a Baby Care Center, I looked through the small shop found inside.  I noticed the sunscreen was $25!  I nearly freaked out.  The Cast Member said, that is about the most marked up item in their parks.  I always bring mine so I do not get too much sun or need more while in the parks.
  • Driver’s license
  • Credit cards or cash
  • Discount cards (such as your annual pass card for receiving the discount on meals)
  • Medications needed throughout the day.  I always go ahead and grab some ibuprofen for those headaches or body aches.
  • Snacks – Not only are these convenient, but they will also help you save money during your time waiting in line for your next attraction.
  • Kleenex and Hand sanitizer – Both are great for those messes or quick cleanups.
  • Jacket – No matter the time of year, many of the shows and restaurants can be a bit cold.
  • Pins and Vinylmation for trading – If you do not know about pin trading or vinylmation trading, be sure to read the linked articles.  It is so much fun and a fairly inexpensive way to get souvenirs.
  • USB Portable Charger – If you use a mobile phone during your day, you should consider bring along a USB Portable Charger.  They are not very expensive and can be very convenient.

If you have other items you feel are important for others to pack, be sure to leave those listed in the comments.  The list here is a great starter list for items to bring along with you on your day in a Disney park.

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