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Welcome to Meet the Magic!  I am the creator of this site.  I have long been a Disney fan and began writing here to help me meet others who are as interested in Disney and the parks as I am.

Shortly after starting the site, I began to notice that many of the emails I received had to do with the topic of how I could afford to travel to Disney as often as I did.  With some careful consideration, I began to combine my professional skills as a Certified Professional Accountant with my personal strategies I use to help me and my family afford Disney as often as we do to create a regular post here entitled “Strategies for Paying for Disney“.  These articles give a variety of tips, tricks, and saving techniques to help you save the money you need to get to Disney and save as much as you can while in Disney!

In addition to (constantly) thinking of ways to save money so I can get back to my favorite place in the World, I enjoy writing a variety of other articles on a variety of Disney (and sometimes other) topics.  Writing has given me a wonderful and rewarding outlet for helping others and others helping me through friendships, tips and much more.

I hope to continue to see you here at Meet the Magic!  Please comment often so I know what you are interested in hearing about or not interested in.

To find all of my posts, click here.  Thanks!

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