MyMagic+ – A Lot of Testing Going on Right Now!

Due to the current testing phase, some new information are being gathered these days. Here I want to keep you up-to-date with the latest news:

Starting August 2nd the resorts Pop Century, Animal Kindgom Lodge, Yacht Club, The ContemporaryDisney’s All Star resorts, Port Orleans and other resorts were chosen to offer MyMagic+ to guests. If you’re going to stay at one of the resorts at August, check at My Disney Experience, if you will be included in the test!

Some pre-planning is the key. You have to stay connected, either through the website ( or one of the available apps on mobile devices. Here you can track all your vacation plans, form resort reservations, park admission, dining reservation, Fastpass+ reservations, and payment options, to Photopass information. You can link everyone at your party as “Friend” or “Family” to your accounts – that’s the way to stay connected with everyone on your party and allows you to make plans together.

If you’ve made the original reservation, a MagicBand with your name printed on it will await you at the desk at your resort upon check-in. Others at your party who were added later, will have to wait for their MagicBands to be encoded to their accounts on arrival date.

However, one important thing you should know about the MagicBand, is that they are not mandatory. You’ll get them either way, but you’re not required to use, hence wear them. You can always choose just to go with your Key To The World card instead. But Disney is of course making the MagicBands more appealing by offering accessories, like CoverBands, MagicSliders and MagicBandits.

Guests touring at the Magic Kingdom can now reserve four Fastpass+ attractions. However, at the other Parks the limit is still three Fastpass+. Last-minute Fastpass+ changes at the moment work fantastic! Question is, will this remain, when everyone will be using MyMagic+? There will be an amount of Fastpass+ available for same-day reservation. At this moments though, it is unclear how many!


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