My Magic+ – The WDW NewGen enhancement

Recently I’ve read about the NewGen, hence My Magic+ theme-park experience, which will supposedly be launched at Walt Disney World this fall. Eager to learn more about this mysteriously new way to tour the parks, I dug up some information. As I personally feel conflicted about some parts of My Magic+, I wanted to share the information I found with you. But first, Disney has not yet released a date for this system to be launched. Nevertheless, with all the testing going on at the moment, for those of you who are planning a trip within the fall season it might be useful to know some details in advance.

The enhancement is supposed to allow guests to better customize their vacation at WDW. This will be possible both, prior to and during the stay. Wether it is a dining reservation or one of the new Fastpass+ – all can be managed through the new “My Disney Experience” section on the website or the new and free “My Disney Experience” app for smartphones and tablets, and additionally through kiosks located at or near the entrance.  With information from the guest, My Magic+ will be able to determine a guest strategy and to generate a schedule for the guest. After deciding on desired experience areas and/or resort areas, for visits on one day or multiple days the system will generate a schedule, wich is based on all input information as well as on some “business rules”. This business rules are not that much defined, as they are based on different rules using actual and, if available, previous information from the guest.

My Disney Experience

My Disney Experience

As the schedule can include appointments with flexible return windows or passes for each selected attraction for a time period or window of time, Disney believes, or rather hopes, that this program will help to avoid people rushing to an attraction to obtain one appointment or pass for a later time. This may help to minimize the waiting time and additionally allows the guest to take more time and enjoy the park with all its events, sights, shops etc. As fantastic as the plans sound, in my opinion it is rather hard to believe, that Disney will be capable of eliminating the crazy waiting times for really famous attractions.

So the question here is, how will this change our WDW visits? The first important thing is that you will be able to plan your visit more detailed in advance. Not only can you make dining reservations, but in the future you will be able to select the new Fastpass+ also prior to and not only during your visit. For using the smartphone/tablet app it is useful to know (especially for foreing visitors) that there is free Wi-Fi at all WDW parks.

On sunday, I will explore further innovations regarding My Magic+, like the differences between the current Fastpass and the new Fastpass+, as well as the MagicBand, the new entrance “ticket” for WDW.

What is your opinion on the NewGen enhancement? Is there something, you want to learn more about? Just comment below and I’ll look into it :).

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  1. July 11, 2013 at 7:24 am

    I’ll hold my final opinion until I’ve had a chance to test the program myself, but I’m concerned this will take all the spontaneity out of my trips. **It sounds like** I’ll either be forced to have to think “gee, I guess I’m going to want to ride Space Mountain at 3:20pm 6 months from now” or wait in long lines with the non-planners.

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