MyMagic+ – Touch to Pay at Table Service Restaurants

And we’re about to approach the next step in the whole MyMagic+ new way of experiencing theme parks: the touch to pay system. It will be possible to pay with the MagicBand at shops, counter service and table service restaurants.

MyMagic+ – Touch to Pay (

WDW News Today has released an article about how exactly paying at table service restaurants will work. There will be a special device, as can be seen at the picture, consisting of an iPod Touch and some other big device. Your server will approach and ask you kindly to touch your MagicBand onto the device, as well as enter your pin, this will allow him or her to take a look at your made Disney Dining Plan. Also, at the end of your meal, you might need to touch the device with your MagicBand again, if you want to pay with it. For paying with the MagicBand it is required that you have already attached a credit card to your account. If you do not have made a Disney Dining Plan, the only time you have to touch the device with your MagicBand will be at the end for paying. If you enter an invalid pin for three times, you will have to pay by credit card or cash.

So, do you like this new theme park paying experience at Walt Disney World?


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  1. Todd
    July 26, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    I love the idea, but I’m concerned about this technology being hacked. Sure magnetic strips could be hacked but somehow RFID theft seems like it could happen even easier unbeknownst to the owner. Any ideas on how Disney is working to minimize the risks with their RFID technology?

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