My Favourite WDW … Memory

To be honest, my favourite memory from any of my trips to WDW is a bit of a cliche. It’s the memory of my very first trip. I was 21 years old and had been dreaming of visiting the USA my whole life. My chance finally came when my then in-laws to be took my then fiancé and I to Florida for our graduation (from university) present.

We arrived in Orlando on 11/08/2001. As my now DH and his parents had been to Disney twice before, they kindly let me chose where to go on the first day. And boy did I know where I wanted to go! I’d read all the guidebooks and the only place possible to welcome me to the joy of WDW was, of course, the Magic Kingdom.

I remember as if it were yesterday the excitement and joy that filled me as we drove under the first sign welcoming us to Disney World. Also, the astonishment as to just how big the place was! This grew as we passed under the Magic Kingdom sign into the parking lot. What fun to ride a tram to the TTC! My ticket was stamped with ” first visit”. Getting the monorail was great fun. Passing through the Contemporary Resort was thrilling.  Seeing the Castle in the distance was breathtaking.

But NONE of this prepared me for my first sight of Main Street. I was 21. I was a university graduate. I liked nu-metal music and I had body piercings. But when I turned into Main Street and saw the Castle properly for the very first time, I cried like a baby. And I still do, no matter how many times we go.

This is, for me, the best memory I have of all our experiences at WDW.

Although a late-comer by many standards, Janine has visited Disney World many times since her early 20’s with her DH and in-laws. She is looking forward to taking her DD (Tink aged 18 months) to visit The Mouse as soon as possible! Janine resides in England, UK and therefore her holidays to WDW are an international affair. Janine specialises on putting a Trans-Atlantic spin on all things Disney, including a collection of her “Favourite” things.

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