My Favourite … time of the year …

… is Christmas time.

I just love it.  It is extra special in my family as the majority of our birthdays fall in December or January too, with my DD following suit and turning 2 on 07/01/12.

I can’t believe this is her second Christmas already.  Last years favourite presents were a Donald and Mickey bath toy (which come everywhere with us and she sleeps with) and a Winnie the Pooh push-a-long car.

This year Santa is hopefully bringing a Disney Princess kitchen which I have a feeling will be the new most used toy in the house.

Even though it’s not quite December 25th yet, I’d like to share with a couple of pictures from last Christmas, and 2 from visits to see Santa this year.

Happy Holidays!

Although a late-comer by many standards, Janine has visited Disney World many times since her early 20’s with her DH and in-laws. She is looking forward to taking her DD (Tink aged 18 months) to visit The Mouse as soon as possible! Janine resides in England, UK and therefore her holidays to WDW are an international affair. Janine specialises on putting a Trans-Atlantic spin on all things Disney, including a collection of her “Favourite” things.

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