My Favourite … Place to get coffee and a cake

First, a confession. There is somewhere I have wanted to go within Walt Disney World (WDW) on our last 3 trips but have still never been… The Writers Stop. Not only can you get a decent cuppa here but they sell amazing cakes, including a carrot cake cookie that I’m just dying to try. 2014, I WILL be having one of these.

So where do we get our hit of caffeine in the parks?  I believe that any of the Counter Service and Table Service eateries give the choice of coffee as a beverage but if we just want a caffeine hit (usually with a cake as they just go so well) we tend to use the bakeries and the carts.

In Hollywood Studios we really like the coffee cart outside of The Tower of Terror. We have lattes and chocolate muffins here, and they do a nice selection of flavoured and iced lattes here.

In Animal Kingdom we like Kusafiri coffee shop and bakery where I enjoy a cinnamon roll and cappuccino and Safarincoffee where we have apple and cinnamon muffins and iced lattes, mmm.

Uncooked cinnamon roll buns.

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In EPCOT we like the Expresso and Pastries carts between UK and Canada and America and Italy Pavillions. We like to get flavoured lattes unless we are also getting funnel cakes where we tend to getva regular coffee to go with this sweet treat.

In the Magic Kingdom my husband and I like Sleepy Hollow and the Main St Bakery. We tend to have cinnamon rolls and apple turnovers with frozen lattes in Main St and waffles with cinnamon and a regular coffee at Sleepy Hollow.

So which is my favourite?  Well, it just has to be Main St Bakery. Mainly because they have my favourite treat, cinnamon rolls and yummy frozen lattes.  I also enjoy the Bakery for the setting. I mean, it’s Main St USA right? We tend to get a drink and sit on the little table down the side and watch the parade. This, for us, is pure bliss.

Although a late-comer by many standards, Janine has visited Disney World many times since her early 20’s with her DH and in-laws. She is looking forward to taking her DD (Tink aged 18 months) to visit The Mouse as soon as possible! Janine resides in England, UK and therefore her holidays to WDW are an international affair. Janine specialises on putting a Trans-Atlantic spin on all things Disney, including a collection of her “Favourite” things.

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