My Favourite … Park at WDW

     My favourite park at WDW is the Magic Kingdom. If I had to, I could travel all the way to the USA and just go to this amazing place. I don’t think it is solely because it was the first of the Parks I visited, but this fact does add to its appeal.

     I’m sure there are many people who share this opinion. The Castle is after all perhaps the most iconic symbol to be found on any Disney property. For others, they may feel slightly overwhelmed by the imagineering and the extent to which the fantasy theme is taken. But for a true Disney-aholic such as myself, the Magic Kingdom has it all.

     From the moment you turn onto Main Street, the smell of home-baked cookies hits you immediately. That and one of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see in your whole life! The Castle is truly breathtaking and will bring a tear to many an eye. I defiantly recommend getting your picture taken by a Photopass photographer in front of the Castle too. We’ve had one done every year and my favourite is the one where I’m holding out my hands and little Tinkerbell appears, just beautiful!

     As soon as we have taken 100 pictures of the Castle and I’ve wept like a baby (it’s the mixture of feeling like you’ve ‘come home’, excitement and pure awe of the amazingness of the whole place that gets me every time), it’s straight off to The Haunted Mansion.(HM) This was the very first ride I ever rode at WDW and remains my second favourite. You’ll have to stay tuned to discover which has first place!

     There are plenty of rides and attractions at MK. Some are thrilling like The Mountains and some are famous like It’s A Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean.  But for me, it’s the HM. I love this ride. I love the Doom Buggies, I love the scenery, I love the music and I love the atmosphere. Oh and I love the gift shop carts outside the ride that sell Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise too lol.

     But Liberty Square is not my favourite Land within MK. That, of course, has to be Fantasy Land. Here, most of all, we love Philharmagic. This is actually DHs favourite attraction as he loves Donald. The best bit for me, asides from the wonderful smell of apple pie, is the music. Hear that lady singing along at the top of her voice in the funny English accent? Yeah, that’s me.     

     I also love Tinkerbells Treasures and Sir Mickeys gift shops, and spend far too many dollars in there. Just the scenery and architecture alone in all of the MK, gosh, in all of WDW is fantastic, but here in Fantasy Land I really do feel like I’m in a fairy tale. I can’t wait to take our DD.

     And finally, our favourite snack stop within the MK? Apart from ice-cream from Mrs Potts, it has to be Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe. LOVE IT. I wrote a piece for Amy over at about being a vegetarian at WDW and I could not say enough good stuff about Rays. We eat here every time we visit and have always thoroughly enjoyed our meals. In fact, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it … Mmm 🙂

Although a late-comer by many standards, Janine has visited Disney World many times since her early 20’s with her DH and in-laws. She is looking forward to taking her DD (Tink aged 18 months) to visit The Mouse as soon as possible! Janine resides in England, UK and therefore her holidays to WDW are an international affair. Janine specialises on putting a Trans-Atlantic spin on all things Disney, including a collection of her “Favourite” things.

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