My Favourite Character

 I absolutely love Tinkerbell.  This is where my daughter’s nickname comes from.  I had worn a lot of ‘Tink’ Walt Disney World clothing while I was pregnant. I have a lot of Tinkerbell merchandise, mainly tee shirts, sweat shirts, bags and snow globes. My daughter has some gorgeous Tink outfits too and she loved watching Peter Pan! We do prefer ‘old school’ Peter Pan Tink to the newer Fairie version if we are honest …

I also love Eeyore and Tigger and have many, many plushes and mugs from both Disney World and The Disney Store here in the UK. Eeyore is extra special as my husband had bought me a plush and mug from the Magic Kingdom on our first trip, and also for our first few anniversaries, including 2 dressed as a witch for Halloween, adorable!

 But who is my favourite? Who am I dying to have a cuddle with, only so my daughter can meet him?  Well, it may be boring, and it may be a cliché but … it has to be Mickey.  The Main Mouse.  The Big Cheese himself.  I just adore him.  I have classic Mickey, Christmas Mickey, Halloween Mickey but my absolute total favourite bestest Mickey of all is Sorcerer Mickey.  He has total pride of place in my display cabinet where not even Tink can get her sticky mitts on him!  But that is my favourite 🙂

Sorcerer Mickey

Image by bredgur via Flickr

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