Must Pack Items for a Disney Vacation

When you prepare for your upcoming vacation to Disney, there are some items that are must haves that you need to remember when you are packing.  Here is a list of those items.  Be sure to print this out so you do not forget to bring these along!

  • Your Disney Passes – If you have not already added your Disney tickets to your MyDisneyExperience app, be sure to bring along the tickets.
  • Your Favorite Form of Payment – Bring along a credit card or cash but if you are really smart, you would purchase gift cards from Target with your Target Red card before you head to the parks.  You will need to estimate the amount of money you will need for your Disney spending, then make the purchase before you go here.  This will allow you to save 5% on your Disney purchases.
  • Pennies for Pressing as inexpensive Souvenirs – If anyone in your family is interested in pressed penny souvenirs, be sure to bring along 2 quarters and one penny per souvenir.  Each park has many pressed penny locations with a variety of characters and sayings included.
  • Your identification – You need this whether you are driving or flying to Disney but be sure to bring this along to the theme parks too.  Often you need this to prove you are the owner of your Disney passes or to prove your age if purchasing alcoholic beverages.
  • Ponchos – Even when there is not rain in the forecast, there is always the possibility of rain.  While Disney does sell a poncho for about $10, they are not well made and often tear before you are done wearing them.  If you prefer to bring along one that is of a higher quality, check out this link to all of the ponchos.  From there, you can choose one with higher customer reviews or fits your needs.
  • Sunscreen – Just like there is a chance of rain, there is 100% chance you will need sunscreen to shield your skin from the sun.  The sunscreen for sale in the parks is very expensive.  However, bring along the bottle of sunscreen to save your skin and your wallet.  Here is a link to some for sale now.
  • Your cellphone – This is a no-brainer!  Bring along your communication device!
  • External Battery – If you are going to use your camera for social media or taking photos, it is likely you will need an external battery to keep the fun rolling!  The parks sell external batteries at kiosk but if you bring your own, you will save money and not need to look for the kiosks throughout the parks.

There are many more other items but these are the essentials!


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