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Everyone loves free.  Well, I would imagine everyone loves free?!?  And when visiting Disney, free fun is even better!  When searching for free fun in Disney, everyone should travel to Downtown Disney.  Visitors will find that they can park for free!  This is rare in the Disney area all within itself!  After parking there are loads of stores to visit for some free browsing fun.  Go ahead, pretend to be a pirate in the World of Disney store with your sword and hook hand!

For an especially sweet free fun tidbit, head on over to Ghirardelli for a sample square of chocolate!  These are so good.  Well, so good if you like chocolate.  Since I do not, the person I am traveling with is in for a bonus, gaining two pieces of chocolate!

With your snack in hand, walk on over to Legoland where the kids can play for hours.  And really, I do mean hours!  There is a small playground area that will occupy them for around 30 minutes.  There is the race tracks where children can make their own Lego race car and race it down the track faster than their neighbors!  You can see from these photos that this is SERIOUS business!

After racing, the kids can be a little less competitive with the building blocks.  The blocks come in the smaller and larger sizes so they are appropriate for children young and small!  Inside the store, children and adults will be amazed at all of the possibilities of Legos!  Really!  Check out this photo of Buzz!  The details are really wonderful!

There is also loads of free entertainment to be had, especially when visiting at night.  Let me know what you have done at Downtown Disney for free!  Would love to add to my list of fun things to do there on a budget!

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