Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor by Diane Maguire

Name of Attraction:

Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor

Opening Date:

April 2, 2007

Approximate Length:

15 Minutes

The Laugh Floor is located in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. In the theater there are 400 seats and where live actors perform voices behind a large digital screen, while computer rendered monsters appear with the actor’s voices.

This attraction is based on the Disney/Pixar movie, Monster’s Inc. Monstropolis is running on safe, clean “laugh power,” but even now it still needs more laughs to provide for the needs of the monster world. To that end, Mike Wazowski suggests opening up Monstropolis’ first comedy club.  During their visit, guests will be entertained by Monsters, Inc.’s top comedians, where their laughs will be collected and converted to electricity.

The show’s unscripted nature is designed to make each performance unique. One of the Laugh Floor’s key components is the level of interactivity with the guests. In the theater, movable cameras are used by performers backstage to locate guests with whom they would like to interact. A Disney cast member in the theater will then take a microphone to the selected guest so that the guest can talk to the performers.

The Laugh Floor only features two characters from the original movie, Mike Wazowski and Roz. Here, Mike is the “monster of ceremonies” and introduces the show’s comedians. The most common characters are:

  • Buddy Boil (sometimes Beznos, or “no nose” Boil from Russia), a purple monster with long eye stalks atop his head, whose sketches include a mind-reading act and a “comedy-in-a-box” do-it-yourself kit
  • A yellow, two-headed monster whose name changes based on who is performing the characters’ heads at the time (common names are “Sam and Ella” or “Mac and Jeeves”). The duo will feature a “geography quiz,” where the monsters demonstrate their knowledge (or lack thereof) of geography, and a fast-paced re-telling of the Monsters, Inc. story, using guests as stand-ins for the major characters.
  • Marty Wazowski, a smaller, orange version of Mike, and Mike’s nephew. This character will often interact with children in the audience.     Courtesy of Wikipedia

My Personal Experience:

Every time we go to Magic Kingdom this attraction is in our top 5 stops, not only because it’s great fun for the whole family, the cue usually goes quickly due to the large amount of seats.  One of our favorite parts of the show is the interaction between the stage characters and the audience. One really funny part is when they show “That Guy”, if you have been to it you know how funny this part is. Usually one person selected to be made an example of for something really anything, but it’s all in good fun.



TIP: Be sure to collect your jokes beforehand.  As you wait to enter the Laugh Floor, you are invited to text your jokes.  If your joke makes the cut, it will be presented, along with your name, during the performance!

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