Moe’s Tavern in Universal Studios Orlando

Moe’s Tavern in Springfield from the Simpsons

Located in Universal Studios Orlando is the bar Moe’s Tavern.  This is really a great place to go in for a bit of time away from the crowd for a snack or drink. As you stop into the pub, you will immediately recognize the interior of the bar as seen on the Simpsons television show.  If you are not a Simpsons fan, inside the Tavern is a loop of a scene from the show that takes place in the Tavern.

Here are some of the fun things to do while in the Tavern:


Non-alcoholic Flaming Moe at Moe’s Tavern

  • Take a selfie alongside the bar’s resident customer, Barney Gumble.
  • Try a famous Flaming Moe or two. (see below photo)
  • Take advantage of the Love Tester machine and see where your love skills rank.
  • Play some music on the jukebox!

Drink Prices:
Drinks range between $2.99 and $7.25.

Menu Items:
Duff beer on tap – 20 oz disposable cup $7.25
Available in Duff and Duff Lite
Duff beer on tap – 23 oz souvenir cup $9.25, refills $6.50
Available in Duff and Duff Lite
Duff beer in bottles $6.50
Available soon in Duff, Duff Lite, and Duff Dry
Flaming Moe $7.99
Signature Specialty Drink of Springfield
Buzz Cola $2.99
Zero calorie cherry flavored soda product


Plan to visit on your next trip to Universal Orlando and see which drink you enjoy most!

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