MiniMouse Coverears Make Your Disney Mickey Ears Adorable!

On my most recent trip to Walt Disney World I tried out the MiniMouse Covears. These cute Mouse Ear covers are just $9.95.

Photo Mar 01, 11 19 46 PM MTM
They are really easy to apply to your favorite Mouse Ears! Covears are made of a polyester and Lycra blend making them easy to stretch onto your ears and going back to its original shape.
How do you apply them? You just carefully pull the Covears over each of the Mouse Ears and they are just as easy to take off. You can switch them to any of the Mouse Ears. They come in eight different designs. You could even put a different one on each of your ears.
Photo Feb 24, 3 44 25 PM MTM
When visiting the park, I took the ears on and off and placed them in my backpack without them coming off. I also did a variety of things around the park, such as playing the drums in Epcot and riding Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom and they stayed in place the entire time.

Photo Mar 01, 4 28 51 PM MTM

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