Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party – To Costume or Not?

I have written a bit about my plans to come to Magic Kingdom October 25 -30, 2010.  I am getting very excited, though I have not planned any of our dining or which parks we will even attend on which date.  I do know that I will be at the Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party on October 26th.  My son has already selected his costume.  He will be Spiderman.  I, however, have been a bit more indecisive.  I have not dressed up for this holiday in so long, I do not even know if I want to bother.  However, when I attended the party last year, I felt sort of like a party crasher because I was not dressed up! 

While I did not dress up last year, I did take advantage of the free face painting option available at the party.  The booth was located on the right along the path to the Mickey’s Toontown Fair.  There was about a 30 minute wait to get faces painted, but we had never done this and really wanted to participate.  It was fun to choose the paint design, then sit as the artist applied it (very quickly).  However, we were attending the party on September 25, 2009 and it was still very hot outside.  My son’s pluto face quickly became smudged as he wiped his face’s sweat.  Oh, well.  Every dog has their day. 

So with the face paint on, I at least then felt a bit less of a party crasher.  But all the same, I started to “shop” other people’s costumes for ideas.  Here are two of my favorites.  The guy with the whoopie cushion on was so funny!  He was with his whole family and I wanted to bother him for a photo, then decided not to bother him.  The couple with the fast passes on were serious Disney fans.  You could just tell!  This was taken right before the fireworks and they were working to get the right spot to photograph the show, so I decided not to bother them either.  But what great costumes!

So the question remains.  Do I find a clever costume to dress up in?  Or do I just go with something comfortable and get my face painted?  Here is my “costume” from last year!  What do you think?  Did you see any really neat costumes last year or in the past either at Disney or otherwise?  Hope to hear from you with suggestions!

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