Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Top 5 “Must Do’s”

It’s that time of year again for the start of the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Top 5 “Must do’s” list. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is held on select night nights from 7:00 Pm to 12:00 Am, September  to November.  A separate admission price is required and advance ticket purchase is recommenced. This is my top 5 must do’s while at the party!

Number 5

Magic Kingdom Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Spiderman Costume

The number 5 “Must Do” is Dress up in your favorite costume and walk throughout Magic Kingdom park. You’ll soon discover all the  boo ways that the spirits of the season have transformed the park into a happy haunted hallows! Many favorite Disney Characters are dressed in Halloween costumes, too. So come celebrate and scare up a good time. Young and old will be dressed up in their favorite costumes. Which one will you be????

Number 4

The Number 4 “Must Do” is Stop at all the Trick or Treat locations or Trails! There are plenty of places to get candy as you walk through the park.  A Halloween celebration wouldn’t be complete without trick-or-treating. Grab your treat bag when you enter the Magic Kingdom and look for the treat stations set up throughout the park. There are one way lines and the treats are all similar at the various locations. Don’t forget your manners while you are in line! Look for the lighted pumpkins along the way, as they will indicate a treat station.

Number 3

The Number 3 “Must Do” is You should take some time to enjoy the Character Dance Parties. Your kids will enjoy dancing with the characters. Disney Villains Dance Mix and Mingle! Some of your favorite baddies from Disney films rock you with this thrilling opening number in front of a ghostly Cinderella Castle. When the number is over, the villains veer into the crowds for meet and greets. Venture onto Main Street, U.S.A. where you might even meet a barbershop quartet of dead cowboys who sing songs in the style of the Dapper Dans. They like “axing” Guests questions and answering with puns as part of their “dead pan” humor.

Number 2halloween paradeThe Number 2 “Must Do” is Mickey’s “Boo-to-You” Halloween Parade The grand master of this bone-rattling parade has truly lost his head! A hair-raising ride by the Headless Horseman himself begins the festivities, followed by a collection of frightful floats featuring Disney Characters in Halloween costumes. Get ready for the grave diggers! The Haunted Mansion stars in this delightful parade. It’s really not so scary—just fiendish fun! The parade starts off with a ride by the Headless Horseman.  You don’t want to miss this, it happens quickly! DO NOT miss the parade! Listen for the hoofed sounds of the headless horseman to start the ghoulish parade. There are usually 2 parades and of course the second is always less crowded. Check your event map when you enter the park to be sure!

Number 1halloween fireworks

The number 1, the top thing you Must Do!- You can’t miss Happy HalloWishes, the Halloween fireworks show . You think you’ve seen fireworks at the Magic Kingdom…but I promise you, you’ve never seen them like this! They can be seen from various locations in the park; but for this one I’d recommend being in front of the castle! This show is so spectacular it’s normally only shown once, check your event times guide when you enter the park and be sure to adjust your touring plans accordingly. The Ghost Host from the Haunted Mansion invites you to “drop in” as Disney Villains tear up the night with fireworks and wicked remixes of their theme songs. Cruella de Vil, Jafar and Oogie Boogie are just some of the scoundrels who croon their spooky tunes. Feel a chill as creepy colors crawl over Cinderella Castle. The finale casts a spell you will never forget!

That is my Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Top 5 “Must Do’s” list   Do you agree with my Top 5 “Must Do’s”? What are the favorite things you like to enjoy when you go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? See you in the parks!

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