Meet The Disney Moms

Over the past few months, I have grown to know several of the other bloggers that work with The Magical Blogorail.  As you may know, The Magical Blogorail is a group of Disney bloggers who all blog together in various groups on a related topic.  I have been writing with my group on the Magical Blogorail Blue line for over a year now.  There are 6 of us in the group and have grown pretty close over the year.  As mentioned, there are several other groups who form other lines that blog together on different days of the month.  And with the help of FaceBook, I have begun to form friendships with these individuals as well.

Wanting to capture the opportunity for all of us to blog together in one space, I decided to create a new website.  I wanted a place where all of us could blog together on a topic to which we are experts.  I had seen that there were bloggers who featured articles on gluten-free dining while at Disney, traveling with small children, traveling with children with disabilities, homeschooling children while using Disney to help fuel the learning, and on and on.  All of us had something to which we could contribute to the community.

I spent a few weeks trying to figure out exactly how we could all contribute to one place while also bring readers to our own individual sites who were seeking additional information on our specific article types.  What I came up with was The Disney Moms.  This is a place where you can find articles on a variety of categories:

  • Traveling with a child ages 0-4, 5-12, or 13-18
  • What to expect when traveling internationally to Disney
  • Beauty Tips when visiting the Mouse!
  • Gluten Free Dining
  • Traveling to Disney with disabilities
  • And much more

All of the writers hope to bring you our best advice.  We hope you will come to learn, contribute and ask us questions.   We also hope to meet more of you!  Here are all of the writers:

  • Mike Ellis to writes about Kids Age 5-12.  To find out more about him visit:
  • Jennifer Lissak to write about Kids Age 0 – 4.  To find out more about her visit:
  • Jackie Hutnick to share about Beauty Tips.  To find out more about her visit:
  • Shiela Fretz to cook up Gluten Free ideas. To find out more about her visit:
  • Melissa Knight Coulter discusses Special Needs.  Find her at
  • Mary DeFazio contributing about Kids Age 0-4 and Kids Age 13 – 18!  Visit
  • Tricia Ballad will make us hungry writing about Food.  Visit her now at
  • Lisa Battista shares her information on Kids Age 0 – 4.  Visit her site at:
  • Janine Pipe – International Travels with Kids.  Learn more about here:
  • Jodi Whisenhutn teaches us about Homeschooling.  Learn more here:
  • Heidi Strawser keeps us entertained writing about Kids Age 13 – 18. Meet her:
  • Beth Green helps us take on Kids Age 5 – 12.  Find out more here:
  • Natalie Henley writes about Kids Age 5 – 12.  You can always find her here:

Please meet the authors and learn about them.  They love helping others make the very most of their Disney vacations!  See you at The Disney Moms!  And please follow us on Facebook for all of the latest articles!

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