Major Way to Save for Your Disney Vacation

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One of the best vacations of a lifetime is one in a Disney theme park.  So many people write with ideas for how they save for their upcoming vacation.  We appreciate sharing those savings ideas here with you.

Of recent, I made a call to Verizon Wireless to find out some information on our cellphone account.  During that call, I was informed that I could make a few changes to my account to save money.  I made those changes which helped me save right at $100 per month.  I was so very excited to see that I was going to save $1200 per year simply because of that phone call.

Not wanting to continue the fun, I decided to call our satellite television provider from DirecTV.  I cancelled a package upgrade which included a channel only watch in the summer (for baseball games).  That saved us $20.  During the call, I was also given Showtime for free for 4 months, plus another $5 off the bill.  By the end of the call, I had saved the family another $25 per month.  If you are using some other service provider for your television, be sure to check with DirecTV to see if their reliable services would save you money!  For my family, the phone call saved us a total of $300 per year.

Feeling like I had won the lottery, I pressed forward and called my mortgage company.  They informed me that they could refinance my mortgage to take advantage of the much reduced interest rates and reduce my monthly payment amount by $300 per month.  The cost is $350 to take advantage and the refinance is not a true refinance and does NOT restart our mortgage over in years but simply continues the mortgage years remaining at the reduced interest rate.  That phone call will save us $3600 annually but cost us $350 in the first year for a total saved of $3250 this year!

If you are following along, these three phone calls saved me $4,750 annually.  That is REAL money.  Money that was going to be otherwise spent unnecessarily.  All this to say, it really can pay to call the companies you regularly pay expenses to monthly.  The calls to these places only takes a few minutes and can really pay off.  In fact, if you were able to instead save that money, you might be able to better afford a Disney vacation!

Strategies New Book CoverFor other great ideas big and small on ways to afford a vacation to Disney, pick up a copy of Strategies for Paying for Disney.  It will walk you through the savings process to afford the vacation before and during the trip!

If you have other suggestions for saving money to help you afford Disney, be sure to send them to

Happy Saving!


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